The prison issue compliments the current critical situation that we are facing while bringing  readers (hopefully) a sense of escape from the ongoing prisons:
Our vanity
Our responsibilities 
Our insecurities
Our fears
There is no right or wrong in any work that is being published here but rather an exploration of bizarre confinement in our physical and mental minds. It is simply a chain of reflections that surrounds the term prison itself. Prison is comparable to a series of traps. But in every trap, there will always be a way out.
My responsibilities as editor-in-chief included:
*Lifted team capabilities, identified and coached the editorial team; 4 editors, 2 in-house photographers, 4 freelance writers
*Initiated and enhanced relationship with geographically dispersed partners; photographers, artists, designers, sound producers and more
*Developed and consolidated annual objectives: budgeting and project management
*Directed and produced editorial projects and video campaigns
*Edited incoming articles
*administered social media channels 
*Designed and developed the art direction; visual identity, image curation and sound editorial 
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