“Once upon a time, a man and a woman, named Max and Tequila, meet in a post-apocalyptic world. Max, who flees the country, is on a dirt bike while Tequila is on a horse – so there are nods to equestrian and dirt bikes with the sunglasses,” exclaimed Tim Coppens about his collaboration with Moritz Krueger, cofounder and creative director of MYKITA, for Pitti Uomo 91.
Krueger agreed with a smile, “I wish I could say we met while having margaritas under the sun. The truth is that Tim was a frequent customer of the MYKITA Shop New York and word got to us that he is a fan of MYKITA MYLON. Sharing this passion for modern materials and for combining craftsmanship and new technologies in our designs, it was only a matter of time until our creative paths would meet.” Indeed, the post-apocalyptic theme sounds rather familiar in real life as we herald 2017 with uncertainty in our current socio-political world. What a better way to challenge the establishment than rocking a highly wearable piece of eyewear futurism? Throw some shades with MYKITA’s and Tim Coppen’s brainchild: TEQUILA.
Berlin’s historical saga may provide Krueger the right ingredients to reinvent and transform the eyewear market as demonstrated by MYKITA’s long standing success in the industry, from winning the prestigious German Design Award to Red Dot Design Award. An impressive portfolio since its conception in 2003. Coppens’ illustrious background from the acclaimed Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp proves that he is no stranger in winning nods from the industry; such as his massive expansion to Barneys New York and Dover Street Market or winning the 2014 CFDA Swarovski Award for Menswear. In other words, this duet expresses the shared focus on material development and dynamic mood of both brands.
“TEQUILA is a MYKITA MYLON frame, which is our high-tech material made using a 3D printing technology called Selective Laser Sintering. It has a really distinctive look and feel, an almost organic quality. Combined with the slick, reflective lenses it brings to mind the textured design language of sportswear. This aesthetic of course fits with and complements Tim Coppens collection. MYKITA and Tim Coppens are both about bringing a sense of authenticity and innovation into the way that we work and the design of our products. For this reason I would say quality craftsmanship is non-negotiable to both of us as well.”
In true spirit of his post-apocalyptic narrative, Coppens rejected half-heartedly about TEQUILA paying homage to Miami Vice and the city, aren’t the sun and shot a great match? “I didn’t create them as homage to Miami. However, I wanted to create something timeless, so you will notice classic aviator references, which definitely feel reminiscent to Miami Vice and that era. I always desire to be innovative with my collections, while keeping craftsmanship at the forefront. The frames really helped bring the entire story of the collection to life.” TEQUILA represents the revival of the Nineties dirt bike and designed with the monolithic consistencies of the 21st century through its straight top line and the reduced form of the elongated keyhole. Of course, this “TEQUILA comes with a no-headaches guarantee.” assured Krueger with a laugh.
Words: Kevin Holicka
Image Courtesy: MYKITA
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