MARTIN ASBJØRN brings all the boys to the yard and they’re like, it’s better than yours, damn right it’s better than yours…”

The menswear designer is bringing sexy back with a whole crew of boys next door sporting the SS18 collection. Asbjørn is no stranger to the structural attributes of male beauty as he pays tribute to their portrayal in music and films. With a strong reference to the golden age of MTV red carpets and reality shows of the early 2000s, milkshake and pop colors bring a breath of fresh air to classic tailoring.
His emphasis on elegant yet daring silhouette is well executed through the clever selection of material usage; from leopard print jackets to light flannel shirts, his signature juxtaposing design and attention to detail clearly hit the mark.
Barbie would be jealous to see that these modern Kens look prettier than her in pink t-shirts and purple shorts, and even synthetic light coats – Life in plastic is fantastic! Of course, Asbjørn is not sugar coating everything, sharp lines imposed on the polished leather shoes paired with white socks and the pseudo-gentleman styling reminds us that this line is based in Copenhagen. As a graduate of Men’s Tailoring at the prestigious Design and Technical Tailoring Academy, MARTIN ASBJØRN knows how to nurture boys to men as reflected in this season’s slogan: “My Business is My Pleasure.”
Words: Kevin Holicka
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