Meet Marko Arsic, an architect student turns fashion photographer based in Belgrade, Serbia. It all began on facebook where editorial-hungry-crowds feed themselves on a feast like no other: A spree of photo albums filled with stories that match the glossy pages of today’s sartorial demands. Female beauty, sexuality, and geometry are his jackpots in the inspirations bank. His early 20s has shown a great promise for his career as interests appear not just from the facebook stalkers, but big names in the local fashion industry as well such as: Marta Miljanić and Marko Marosiuk. His work has landed Serbia’s press that includes: Ona, Glam Shopping, and Best Shop. After an internet fashion sensation, the real life is now witnessing the real thing. Dear World, get ready.
KEVIN HOLICKA: Okay, let’s get this straight, how did it all started?
MARKO ARSIC: Do you have any idea?
HOLICKA: (Shooking my head, at home in Germany 1,400 km away from Belgrade. God bless skype!)
ARSIC: My Facebook page is important because I want to know what people think about my photographs - People that I don’t know. I started everything very little.
HOLICKA: That’s already a very nice motivation for you! But I have seen many of your works which have collaborated with the Serbian fashion press as well. It’s such a good start to have your talent recognized locally.
ARSIC: Yes, but it’s not international. The feeling is not the same. I just basically want more people on my fan page (laughs). That one is a joke.
HOLICKA: (laughs) so you want to go international.
ARSIC: I want people to see my photographs, especially people who are not from Serbia. I want them to think everytime they look at my photographs. They deserve it!
HOLICKA: Why do you think they deserve that? 
ARSIC: (smiling icon appears) Every single photograph that I make has emotions and stories. It’s different parts of my life from the people I met and the sensibilities…
HOLICKA: That’s very thoughtful. And do you feel any personal connection to every story that your create in the photographs?
ARSIC: Fashion has obviously inspired me. Sexuality, female beauty, and geometry, but when I work with fashion designers for example, I love listening to their stories. I want to know their emotions about the collections they design and again, their sensibilities.
HOLICKA: Let’s get a little bit random (smiling icon appears). What was your first camera?
ARSIC: (laughs and another smiling icon emerges) I think it’s Benq with 5 mpx and that was 2 or 3 years before.
HOLICKA: Was that the time when you discover your interest in fashion photography?
ARSIC: No, no. I think I was born for fashion! (laughs) And really, I never have money for the camera, but I always do photos with my eyes and say to myself: OMG this can be a good picture! Also in fashion, I always look every details, materials, and attitudes.
“I always do photos with my eyes and say to myself - OMG this can be a good picture!”
HOLICKA: Aren’t we all born for fashion?! (winking icon appears) Do you have a new camera now or do you still love your Benq?
ARSIC: It’s sad to leave Benq, but now I have my Nikon d7000.
HOLICKA: I have seen some of your photographs at the Belgrade Insight and you’re even being featured on!
ARSIC: I did the campaign of Marta Miljanić (local designer) at Belgrade Fashion Week. Before that I made an editorial for a magazine called “The Best Shop” It was my first 7 pages editorial and I loved it! I still work here and there, but most of my work comes from shooting portofolios for models. This year I’m going to work again with Marta Miljanić  and Marko Marosiuk (another local designer) with their campaigns in October for Belgrade Fashion Week. Oh, and I forgot to tell you. My first exhibition is in October at a galery.
HOLICKA: Wow, I’m so excited for you and all the best for everything then. Tell me about your childhood.
ARSIC: (laughs) I love my chilhood. I love my family and I live for them. I’m the last child by the way.
HOLICKA: Then in the past and later in the future, how do you see yourself in five years to come?
ARSIC: Uhh, that’s a hard question… I dont see Marko in Serbia. I don’t like to see myself here. I see myself with a lot of happiness (extrawide-smilling-icon pops up)
HOLICKA: That sounds promising. Suprise me, Marko. For example, I’m afraid of frogs.
ARSIC: Sometimes I cry… (laughs)
HOLICKA: Who would be your iconic photographer and why?
ARSIC: Steven Klein. Energy, aesthetics, great view and colors.
HOLICKA: And if you could photograph anyone on this world, living or dead, who would that be?
ARSIC: Great talent, perfect beauty, the attitude, and just the energy. It’s Sophie Ellis-Bextor.
HOLICKA: Now I’m curious. How would you consider a perfect photoshoot?
ARSIC: Just positive energy. From nothing I make something. When there’s nothing for the model, I make it happen for them. My shootings have to be fun and…  I don’t want enough?
Words: Kevin Holicka
Image Courtesy: Marko Arsic
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