The latest addition to DYN brings us a breath of fresh air. Pastel colors are certainly a reminder that it is time for menswear to break out of its comfort zone.
The Mood
Frida Homann is a young designer straight from Berlin's backyard of creativity, Neukölln. In a city where its asthetics is dictated to the dark and edgy, she has managed to bring positive light through her spring/summer 2015 collection.
The Dilemma
Florals and men have always been a tricky love affair, but Homann skilfully wove floral details into her collection in a very subtle manner. The result is a beautiful contrast of masculine minimalism with a touch of femininity.
The Review
If there was one thing that one could ask from Homann, it was to give us more.  The entire collection consists of 12 pieces with soft textures. There is even space for those who are not comfortable wearing pink or even prints. The collection is all about the photorealistic prints accompanied by shades of nature. Spring and summer have never been this romantic.
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Words: Kevin Holicka
Photography: Lion Fenster
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