This show is all about a brand that stood the test of time since 2002: DESIGNERS REMIX by Charlotte Eskildsen and her husband, CEO Niels Eskildsen, doesn’t need any further introduction anymore!
If the Olympus mountain were to be placed onto the flat landscapes of Copenhagen this season, then the Cirkelbroen bridge at the canals of Christianshavn would be divine. The picturesque view along the river gave the illusion that the bridge was floating midair as industry’s insiders sat solemnly, praying to be enlightened. 

As the first models walked in, the allure of contemporary Greek goddesses was inevitable: Silhouettes of white shaped the flowy shirts and long pants with a touch of classical grace flowing across the runway. Athena, the goddess for wisdom and intelligent, would nod such modern reincarnation alongside the subtle hints of clever styling, from bright-colored scarves, to the right shade of purple; the aristocratic reference is going strong here. 
When the summer breeze breathed through the waters, Demeter would be thrilled to have her wardrobe revamped in the personification of ruffles, feminine shapes as the earthly-bound colors blended naturally like the first day of spring. At the end of the day, this collection still bounded to the ground as today’s goddesses are embodied by Fashion’s sophisticated and independent women, gracing the street ready to conquer her next subject: Just look at the geometrical and abstract patches – très chic! DESIGNERS REMIX’s universe is distinctively sharp bringing a romantic vision of Antiquity and beyond.
Words: Kevin Holicka
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