Since his first appearance in 2012, Aleks Kurkowski has always been true to himself. His obsession with the color black indicates his strong and consistent philosophy. As a patron of eco fashion, he joins the growing number of designers in Berlin hoping for an industry with a greater responsibility in environment and fair trade.
The Mood
Some say that black represents grief while others think that it looks slimming. One thing is for sure: It is never a sin to wear one. To showcase an entire collection in such precision, Kurkowski has established a label with a rebellious attitude. In an era where many fashionistas turn "green," this season has enabled them to be socially responsible while being fashionable at the same time (in black of course!).
The Dilemma
If your fashion identity does not require you to stand for a specific cause or wearing black may harm you in the summer, this brand is definitely not for you
The Review
One of the main inspirations for his latest collection is architeture which is not a surprise in a country where the Bauhaus movement once flourished the same way as the Renaissance once did in Italy. Hence asymmetrical lines are carefully crafted in various angles of his garments. The jackets look rather fresh than stubborn and even his coat is definitely a go for spring 2015. All with an agenda to make our world a better place.
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Words: Kevin Holicka
Photography: Lion Fenster
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